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15 years, 15 artists, 15 objects.

In 2012, the 15 years celebration of the brand Luisa Peixoto Design resulted in a unique project that placed side-by-side Luisa Peixoto and recognized Portuguese artists.
15 years, 15 objects, 15 artists presents views of different authors-representing the area of painting, photography, illustration, graphic design and sculpture-in the furniture collection Luisa Peixoto Design.
Make part of this initiative José Rodrigues, Paulo Neves, Joana Rego, Luís Figueiredo, Ricardo Alevizos, Júlio Dolbeth, Rui Matos, Júlio César, João Figueiredo, Susana Bravo, Hélia Aluai, Henrique do Vale, João Galvão, Inez Wijnhorst and Evelina Oliveira.
From the project 15 years, 15 objects, 15 artists also resulted a catalogue which includes informative atmospheres signed by Luisa Peixoto Design.
All artworks carried out are unique and are available for sale.
If you want to purchase one of the masterpieces or the catalogue of the collection, please, request further information for email: info@luisapeixotodesign.com.